Safari Club

About Project

Lush Safari Club (LSC) is a brand of multiple NFT projects such as Lush Lion, Lush Ape and the LSC Utility NFT

Supply - 10,000 NFTs
Network - Solana
Mint date - 11th October 2022 15:00 UST

Delist and stake your NFTs on our website

4000 $Lush will get you an upgrade of heaven or hell for Lush Lion, what is not known is what direction your Lion goes. The current metadata will change to a new one and only Upgrades will benefit from staking. Listed lions will be swept from community wallet.

LSC Utility NFT is available at 0.8 sol each for a 5k collection. All 5k staking will receive a Lush Ape 🦧 X2 free mint, but you must be unlisted and staking. This will give you the role of @LSC VIP

Lush Ape 🦧 mint will be 0.5 Sol for @LSC Whitelist on 1st December



Great hype

12,000 Twitter Followers

35,000 Discord Followers

Listed in top 5 drops on Magic Eden

Listed on Blocksmith

Listed on Rarity Sniper

Community Building

Building a strong and active community to ensure the project’s success.

28th September
15:00 GMT
Minting Day

Our Lush Safari Club will release our first 6,000 Lions on the Solana blockchain.

28th September

Will be offering whitelist (pre-sale) opportunities for other projects, investment opportunities (alpha calls) and giveaways exclusively to members of our DAO.

Minting Day

Our 5,000 LSC Utility NFT will release on the Solana blockchain.

$Lush Token

Release and Staking the launch of our token $LUSH. Stake your Lions to earn $LUSH daily.


 We have many surprises and plans including airdrops which will be totally free to holders that are staking.

Future NFTs

Lush Safari Club will have many more NFT drops, which we intend to become the largest NFT collection.


We are builders and are planning to develop a full suite of services that include:

WL Discord
Lush Launchpad

We will create a virtual Lush Safari Club for our holders to socialise in our very own Meta VIP club, where you can purchase land NFTs

P2E – Gaming

Our Safari Club play to earn game will be available to all holders using our token $Lush
Lush Safari Club will have many more NFT drops, which we intend to become the largest NFT collection.

Financial Services (Savings and Borrowing)